09 May 2019

Must Answer Questions for a Wedding Photographer

It’s important to know what questions to ask when meeting with a wedding photographer for a free consultation. After all, those “free consultations” are really just a job interview to help you determine whether or not they are the right fit for your wedding, so you better grill them and get all the information you can.  Here is a guide to the questions to ask during a consultation categorized into five areas:  (1) experience level; (2) photographic style; (3) the […]

05 Apr 2019

7 Logistical Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos and Film

It’s important to make sure your wedding day is well planned out, not only to ensure the day runs smoothly, but also that your photographers and videographers have the time they need to capture your wedding day (and especially those posed shots) in that perfect way you would want to remember it.  Read the 7 tips recommended to make your wedding day run smoothly and capture beautiful images!

09 Dec 2018

Citrus Heights Vowel Renewal

This was a beautiful Catholic Vow Renewal after five years of being married. It was a great reaffirmation of Tania and Robert’s love for each other and their devotion to God and their faith. I was happy to capture it through both photo and film!

02 Nov 2018

Downtown Sacramento City Wedding

See all the great photos I captured of Valerie and Tony’s wedding. With the proper prep work and time I was able to capture the creative images they wanted!

02 Oct 2018

Sacramento Capitol & Winery Combo Wedding

Erika and Matthew’s wedding was truly one of the most fun weddings I have ever shot. It began with both Erika and Matthew getting ready at separate houses in Galt. They were both so excited about their day and having fun with their parents and bridesmaids before the big day.