November 20, 2020

Professional Videography Services Critical in Pandemic

We felt the need to write up this blog post to reflect on our #1 regret from our own wedding. That is of course not hiring professional videography services for our wedding. We decided against a videographer at the time because money was tight. We thought we could get away with photos only. But there were so many great moments that the photos just couldn’t bring back in all its glory. The most significant was our Maid of Honor performing Mambo #5. She changed the words in the song to be about us. It went something like this:

“A little bit of Christine in his life, A little bit of snugglin’ by your side, A little bit of yes babe is what you’ll need, A little bit of honey-do is what I see, A little bit of kissin all night long, A little bit of you makes you her man, Sayin’ I Do mean you understand!” (Can you imagine it? Laughing so hard inside right now!).

Anyway, you get the point! We have so much fun imagining what professional videography services would have done with that content. Photos don’t bring back the words people said and the way they said it the way video can. We’ve even heard of people cherishing their videos even more once their parents or other loved ones pass away and they can look back at the video and remember their voice and mannerisms. Not to mention, video is more important nowadays with wedding guest lists cut due to COVID. Anyway, we reiterate our #1 wedding regret in the video below, along with some video clips of performances we have captured over the years. We know our couples are so grateful to be able to look back on these moments with fondness in their videos.

Okay, since we talked about our wedding, here are some of our wedding photos below. Didn’t we look young!? Our wedding was like a dream and took place at Heirloom Inn in Ione, California. Just like everyone said, it went by way too fast. We often wish we could relive that day again. Perhaps maybe an anniversary party or vow renewal at some point?

Our Wedding Photos (don’t laugh!)

Wedding dress and photos with bridesmaids and mother durign wedding at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
bride wedding portraits taken next to a window at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Groomsmen and groom drink beer, relax and play around prior to wedding ceremony at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Portraits with bridesmaids and mother of the bride at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
First look at wedding for bride and groom at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Family portraits at wedding at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Wedding ceremony photos taken at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Wedding party portraits with sunglasses and posed at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Entire wedding guests photo at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Maid of honor and best man speeches at wedding at at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Wedding reception speeches and toasts at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
First dance at wedding at at Heirloom Inn in Ione California.
Dancing, cake and fun at Heirloom Inn in Ione California while celebrating a wedding.

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