Sacramento Wedding Video – Lake Natoma Inn


January 22, 2021

Part of the reason we love doing wedding videos is that it allows us to tell a couple’s story in a way that pictures just cannot. The Sacramento wedding video of Joy and Andrew is a perfect example of that. The video features the story of how they met in a coffee shop. That’s rare nowadays, with most couples meeting online. So it was so endearing to hear about that first meeting and their thoughts about one another. One thing you may not notice initially in the video is that Andrew is extremely tall and Joy is short. That seemed to have been one of the first things they noticed about one another as well. Besides an initial attraction and thinking the other to be sweet and nice, of course.

Having a wedding in a pandemic was no easy feat, as many of the couples we in 2020 experienced. They changed the location of their wedding several times, before settling on an outdoor ceremony at Lake Natoma Inn. A reception followed in a friend’s backyard. Because Joy’s family was in the Philippines and couldn’t travel to the United States to attend, PSP live streamed the ceremony. This allowed Joy’s mother to give away her daughter via the phone while she was watching live on YouTube. While not the same as being there in-person, technology has made it possible for the next best thing in live streaming. It adds a whole other element to a Sacramento wedding video.

In response to all the obstacles Joy and Andrew faced in having their wedding come together, Joy comments in her vows that ‘Our love is stronger than this pandemic’. The way she said this really struck a chord with us, and showcased their perseverance.

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