September 17, 2020

Professional Photography Videography Service in COVID

A willingness to role with the punches has been a theme of the weddings for PSP in 2020.  Jovy and Richard’s wedding was no exception.  Back when they booked us as their professional photography videography service there was no predicting the circumstances that would transpire in the lead up to their August 2020 wedding date.  Their ceremony location was always set at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento. But their reception location was originally only a few blocks away at the Library Galleria.  

However, as Library Galleria is primarily an indoor venue, this posed a problem for the COVID social distancing rules of 2020.  Knowing this, we thought for sure they would reschedule their wedding to 2021, as 80% of our couples did.  However, this obstacle did not deter Jovy and Richard.  They merely found a new outdoor venue, just as gorgeous, that would accommodate all their guests safely – Wolfe Heights Event Center.  This is a great venue really close to where we live in Elk Grove. They also happen to be on our favorite vendor list (check it out here!). This wasn’t their only hurdle. 

We were in contact with Jovy and her coordinator several times in the weeks leading up to the wedding, as we realized that the Cathedral had limited capacity to due to COVID restrictions and only a small portion of her wedding guests would be able to attend their Catholic Ceremony.  What did they do you ask?  They had two ceremonies.  One full Catholic ceremony with their closest family and friends in attendance, and a second more abbreviated ceremony at Wolfe Heights’ gorgeous Unity Circle.

Now you may think that was enough to deal with.  But then there were the California wildfires that were running rampant at the time.  It created heavy visible smoke in the air. Nobody really seemed to let that get them down though.  As the excitement of the day progressed, it became barely noticeable. We tried our best not to let it stop us from providing the best and most professional photography and videography services possible.

A lesson for us all – even us professional photography videography service providers

Jovy and Richard taught us that with enough determination and making a few sacrifices, it’s possible to have a wedding. Even in the most difficult circumstances. We have the feeling that their relationship is now stronger because of it too.  Congrats to them both for making what seemed impossible happen!

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