PSP Engagement Photographer Uses Light in Images


October 20, 2020

The best engagement photographer knows how to incorporate light in their images to make them stand out above the rest. We tried to do this with Samantha and Tim’s pictures at Sly Park Recreational Area in October. When they were looking for a location that had a nature feel, with the option of water nearby, we right away knew Sly Park was the place. The light that day really gave us the perfect golden sun rays for a successful shoot. You may notice how we used the light rays peeking out from behind the trees to frame them in several shots. We also used it to accentuate a few kisses. And the way the light fell on them sitting down gave them a majestic type feel. We love to be creative like that.

The shots in the water were probably our favorites from this shoot. It’s always great when couples are willing to get a little wet. Samantha and Tim had no problem with this, and jumped right in. This gave them some truly unique shots that they can look back on when they are old. Imagine what their future kids will think of them. 🙂 The picturesque way their silhouettes reflected off the water only added the cool look and feel of the photos in the water.

We always try to be the best engagement photographer we can be for our couples. We feel that we delivered on that promise on this day. In fact, after their reveal session, Samantha and Tim booked us to photograph their wedding in July 2021 in Sacramento. We are so honored they chose us!

PSP is constantly doing engagement shoots for our couples, and posts many of them on our blog. To see more of our unique and fun engagement experiences, see the Engagement Category on our blog.