Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Engagement Session

Malvina and Andrew's engagement shoot was such a fun time in South Lake Tahoe.  Since it was our first time shooting up in the area, we visited the location a few weeks earlier ahead of our shoot so that we could scope out all the nice areas for photos.  We decided to head to the Emerald Bay area and we are so glad we did.  Normally the beach area of Emerald Bay is pretty busy, but we did the shoot on a weekday in the middle of May and due to COVID-19 closures we basically had it all to ourselves.

Malvina and Andrew brought 3 changes of clothes, which we always like because it can add a whole different feel to the photos.  If you notice the three groups of photos, each could have just as easily been stand-alone shoots.

After the red dress, Malvina changed into more casual clothes, and we got some really sweet shots of her and Andrew!

After getting our shots in the mountains we hiked down the Emerald Bay Beach area to get a few shots on the beach and at the dock, and it didn't disappoint...

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