Magical Northern California Coast Engagement Photoshoot


May 24, 2020

Mira and Kevin’s California coast beach engagement photoshoot was truly a magical experience, if you can’t already tell from the photos themselves.  We left Sacramento at about 1:00 PM for Montara State Beach.  Kevin and Mira picked me and my assistant up in their car and we drove together.  I loved that because it created a bonding experience.  When they picked me up, they were ready with sandwiches to enjoy for the road.  They must have known that the way to my heart is through food.  We also made a few pit stops on the way, and took the scenic route so that we could enjoy the beautiful view. We had great conversation and enjoyed each others company.

In all, it was about a two hour drive.  The shoot took place on Feb. 15, so the beaches were still open and we had no problem finding parking.  It was about a five minute walk from the car to the beach and once we arrived, we chose the spot with the right lighting and did all the photos in that spot.  Thai, my assistant, did a wonderful job getting the lighting right and with the guidance of their Pinterest Board, I was able to get the magical looking photos you see below.  All of these elements I think contributed to making this shoot a home run!