Downtown Sacramento City Wedding


November 2, 2018

It’s always convenient when the getting ready, ceremony, portraits and reception for a wedding are close to one another. It allows for less travel time and more time for all the fun wedding shenanigans. The getting ready section of Valerie and Tony’s wedding happened at the Residence Inn on 15th Street in Capitol Park in Sacramento, then their ceremony was at St. Anthony Parish and the reception at the O’Club Ballroom at McClellan AFB. All relatively close to each other!

The getting ready section went really smoothly and I got some great shots of both Valerie and Tony. Then we headed to the ceremony location. They had a beautiful ceremony that really represented two families coming together for their children. Afterward we took some family photos in the church. As a photographer, when you get a group together so large it’s always a challenge to get a good photo with everyone being seen and nobody blinking. But I think we go it with this photo.

The portraits were taken around the California State Capitol Building and the Capitol Rose Garden. One great thing about Valerie and Tony was that they talked to me before the wedding about how they really wanted to get creative with the photos, and they allocated ample time to make that happen. Additionally, they sent me examples of what they wanted. I always tell couples that I am good at replicating images so if you send me what you envision there is a good chance I can make it happen for you. However, very few couples actually end up sending me sample photos. But Valerie and Tony did and I think we got some really great creative photos for them.

After the portraits we headed to the reception O’Club Ballroom at McClellan AFB and had a great time with the special dances, speeches and celebration!