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Learn how to keep your memories alive with one of a kind wall art and keepsake albums.

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Thank you again for choosing us to document your special day! We had a wonderful time getting to know you and documenting your love story. We're super excited that you're considering purchasing archival wall art and albums to beautifully decorate your home.

One of our favorite things about going to our Grandmother's house, is relaxing on her couch, with a whole tray of cookies, and hearing stories about the "good ol days" as we sift through wedding albums of our parents. Even though we were't even thought of when our parents' got married, looking through these albums, instantly takes us back to that time.

Somewhere along the way of the digital revolution, we as a society have lost sight of the importance of physical print products of our precious memories. Digital copies of such delicate memories are incredible. However, nothing can replace coming home everyday to you and your sweetheart hanging on the wall, or snuggling on the couch looking through your wedding album.

We believe that your photos should not just live on a USB or inside of an online gallery. After all, you paid a pretty penny to have experienced photographers document your wedding. Now is the time to show them off!

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3 piece metal wall art

the process

About a week after your gallery is delivered we will set up an online reveal session where we will talk about your favorite images and help you best spend your print credit. We will help you pick out the best products tailored to the decorative style of your home as well as your specific tastes. After the reveal session we will prepare your selections for the printing process and then ship them out to you within four weeks. All products include free shipping and satisfaction guarantee.

The Full Product Menu

mounted prints

Fade-free metallic print mounted on thick, sturdy mat board made for long lasting stand alone hanging or framing

11x14: $185
16x20: $225
24x36: $315

metal & acrylic prints

Our signature piece! Metal prints are built with sturdy, water resistant aluminum with a clean and classic finish. These are perfect "show stoppers"

11x14: $295
16x20: $375
24x36: $550


12x12 30 page spread


hard cover premium album


10x10 25 Page Spread

A generational keepsake perfect for your coffee table. All albums pages lay flat and are made with durable paper + designed to perfection!

Premium Leather Lux Signature album

10x10 25 or 30 page spread


parent book

Don't forget to showcase the wedding film!


We can't wait to hear what products are jumping out at you and help you make the best selections! Send us at to set up your reveal session with us! See you soon.

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