Cyeeta & Tony Engagement Shoot

Downtown Sacramento Engagement

Cyeeta and Tony’s engagement shoot started at the Sacramento Capitol Park World Peace Rose Garden right outside the state capitol building.  This is one of my most requested locations for both engagement shots and portraits on wedding days for downtown Sacramento weddings.  It provides a good variety of backgrounds, between the garden, capitol building, and nearby metropolitan area.  We took advantage of all of these during Cyeeta and Tony’s shoot.

The shoot started with it’s challenges, as I had forgotten the remote control for the light I was planning on using (Pro Photo B1), and had to resort to a flash instead.  This ended up working well, but it posed it’s challenges in the beginning. Cyeeta and Tony were so patient with me, which I appreciated. 

Cyeeta and Tony wanted a combination family shoot with their daughter as well as couples/engagement shoot.  Once they arrived, I quickly realized that their daughter was having some allergies that day, which the garden only made worse.  So we decided to quickly take their family shots so that their daughter could retreat to the car with her cousins and wait for her parents there.  

Sacramento Capitol Park Shoot
Sacramento Rose garden family shot.

We also took some nice shots of Cyeeta and Tony together in the park surrounding the Capitol as well as right outside the capitol building. I thought these came out great. I always like the shots that come off as natural as possible.

Capitol Rose Garden Engagement Shoot
Capitol Rose Garden Engagement Shoot
Capitol Rose Garden Engagement Shoot

Afterward, we were about the wrap up the shoot but took notice of the nice lighting with the sun setting on Sacramento’s iconic yellow bridge.  We decided to try to get a street shot with the bridge in the background.  This was challenging because we had to avoid cars as they would pose quickly and I would take the photo and then run out of the way to avoid oncoming traffic.  But it was all worth it in the end with some great photos coming out of it!

Capitol Rose Garden Engagement Shoot
Capitol Rose Garden Engagement Shoot.