Sacramento Wedding, African Style

The wedding of Annonciathe and Adelit took place in Sacramento on June 1, 2019.  These two are so sweet.

I loved their wedding because it was filled with some of the staples of a Rwandan cultural wedding, including a negotiation between the bride and groom's family, great speeches, East Africa food and of course traditional Rwandan dancing.  I was honored to be chosen to both photography and film their wedding.

Curious what the bride and groom said in the video?  Here is the translation of their sweet words ...

Adelit (Groom):  Ingabire Annonciathe, I love you from now until the end of our lives in this world.  Your name says it all.  You are full of grace and deserve grace.

Annonciathe (Bride):  The happiness and joy that I have today, Adelit, comes from you.  You've been a source of happiness in my life.  I like the way you show love to me without reservation.  I promise you that I will keep loving you as much as possible, I will respect you, and I will listen to you as my husband.  Since I have known you, you have given me so much happiness.  I promise you, I will be a nice wife. I will always be with you, in good and bad.  You are the man I have chosen to be my husband, my best friend.

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