Old Town Sacramento Wedding

This video for Sam and Lizy was really one that came out of left field.  They got married in October 2018, when it was filmed by another videographer (not me).  They had some type of issue after the wedding, and the footage was never edited into a video for them.  They were, however, able to get their raw footage and had been holding onto that footage ever since.  During the COVID-19 quarantine they saw a post that mentioned me from a fellow wedding-industry friend, Risa James Events, who had coordinated their wedding back in 2018.  They reached out to me about editing together their video and I was happy to be able to help them preserve the memory of their beautiful day.  Even though I didn't film it and I wasn't there, after watching their footage and hearing their heartfelt vows, I really felt connected to their story and really tried to make that shine through in their video.

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