Citrus Heights Vow Renewal

Tania and Robert’s vow renewal was wonderful day filled with so much love between these two. They have a rather unique story. They were officially married five years ago in Vizcaya in downtown Sacramento. However, after having two beautiful kids together they made the decision to annul their marriage and marry in the Catholic Church. That way they could truly follow the path their faith had led them in. It was a great thing to be able to capture as a photographer and videographer.

Because it wasn’t a full-fledged wedding, the atmosphere was a little more relaxed than normal but even so, we were able to capture some great video footage and photos.

The getting ready section we only captured on Tania’s side at the couple’s home together. Tania was there with her oldest daughter (the maid of honor) and youngest daughter (less than a year old) as well as her granddaughter (also less than a year old). Although it was a little chaotic with the babies, they made it work and it made the getting ready time uniquely special. Something they will always remember.

The bride and her party took a limo to the church. They did a pre-reveal or “first look” where they saw each other before the ceremony so that they could take some nice portraits and Robert read a beautiful letter to Tania.

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It was a full Catholic ceremony where just a few intimate relatives and family friends attended, and just what they wanted.

Afterward, we did a few more portraits outside the church before heading to their house for the reception.

They went for a purple theme at their home reception and had a larger crowd.

Tania and Robert’s older children gave some heartfelt speeches and then they had their special first dances. Robert even had a father daughter dance with his youngest daughter. He sure loves that girl to pieces. The rest of the night, they partied and danced the night away. A wonderful vow renewal, and I was happy to have captured it!

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